Welcome to Curious Addys' Interactive Tutorial!

Here, you can learn everything about NFTs and Web3 without any prior knowledge.

Read the backstory

Learn more about Curious Addy's grand adventure and why they want to make it to Ocean 3...


Mint an NFT for free

In order to get to Ocean 3, Curious Addy will have to mint an NFT!


Buy and Sell an NFT on a Secondary Market

Learn how to buy and sell from others safely.


Get some limited edition NFTs

Learn how to get on a whitelist and navigate Discord.

Coming soon...

Save a ton of money on gas

Learn how to save massively on gas fees by manually setting gas. You might even learn how to replace transactions!

Coming soon...

Win against shark scammers

Think you can outsmart the scammers? The sharks have eaten a lot of NFTs...

Coming soon...