Ocean 2
(a.k.a. Web2)
Mint your own NFT

You need to mint (create) a magic egg NFT to hatch a creature that can protect you from the sharks who are waiting to target newbies going from Ocean 2 (aka Web2) to Ocean 3 (aka Web3).

What is an NFT, though?
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Connect your wallet
The first step to minting is to connect your digital crypto wallet to this website. Follow the instructions below to get started!
Connect your wallet

Click the button below to connect your wallet.

Switch to the Polygon network

By default, MetaMask is setup to use Ethereum, which is the most popular network for NFTs. However, because it's so popular, everything you do on Ethereum costs a lot of money ($30-150 to mint an NFT)!

What is a transaction and why does it cost money?

Because of this, we are going to use the Polygon network to mint this NFT. This works just like Ethereum, but is much cheaper!

In order to use the Polygon network, you will need to switch networks on MetaMask. Click the button below to add the Polygon network, then switch to it.

Switch to the Polygon Network
What's the difference between the Polygon network Ethereum network?
Ocean 3
(a.k.a. Web3)
Ocean 3 is amazing!
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